Hiiiii friends! We (AylinErika & Jess) have noticed a lack of asexual/aromantic/smut-free fics in the 1D fandom and we’re hoping you can help us change that by joining in this ficathon!

What does “smut-free” mean?

We’re looking for fics with no sex scenes and no allusion to sex off-screen. Whether you want to write an asexual relationship, an aromantic relationship, or just a tale of friends is up to you, but your fic should be comfortable for asexual 1D fans to read.

Things that are fine:

  • Cuddling and light kissing. If you’re not sure about it, tone it down.
  • A sexual sidecharacter trying to talk to a main ace/aro character about how they have sex. (Ideally the ace character would not continue the conversation.)
  • An ace character talking (in not too much detail) about how they tried sex in the past and it wasn’t for them.
  • It’s fine if your characters do not identify as asexual, maybe they are sexual characters, but for this ficathon it’s not relevant and you don’t need to talk about it either way. 
  • In the same vein, you can write a friendship/life fic that isn’t about an aromantic character, and simply not have their love life come into play.

Things we’re not looking for:

  • Anything more than kissing and cuddling. No making out, hands above the blanket, leave room for Jesus. 
  • Implied sex. (ie “they fell into bed together until sunrise” or “they made out for three hours" or "harry had never had someone touch him the way zayn did”.) In short, we don’t want your main characters having sex. 
  • Talking about sex in any great detail (Again - when in doubt, tone it down.) 

If you’re still not sure, send a message to this blog and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

What are the rules?

  • As mentioned above, the fics should have no sex scenes or allusions to sex scenes. 
  • The focus of the fic must be on members of One Direction, but any and all ships and/or friendships are welcome!
  • The minimum word count for submissions is 4,000 words, but more is encouraged!
  • Please plan on having someone beta your fic to make it the best it can be. If you need help finding a beta, we will post a list of volunteer betas for you to contact a few weeks before the submission deadline.

When is the deadline?

Sign-ups are open from RIGHT NOW (29/08/14) until Friday, 12/09/14. After the sign-up period closes, one of the admins will contact you about the details of submitting the fic to our AO3 collection. We will also touch base with you sometime before submissions are due to make sure everything is on track. Submissions will be due Monday, 24/11/14 and we will begin posting Monday, 1/12/14.

How do I sign up?

To sign up to write for the ficathon, fill out this form. That’s it! 

How can I support the ficathon other than writing?

First and foremost, follow this blog! We will be posting all of the fics and art here.

To submit prompts for the ficathonsend a submission with the prompt to this blog.

To sign up to beta and/or brit-pick for the ficathonsend a submission to this blog with the following information: (1) your tumblr username, (2) the best way to contact you if it is not tumblr (e.g. your email), (3) whether you can beta, brit-pick, or both.

To sign up to provide art for a ficsend a submission to this blog with the following information: (1) your tumblr username, (2) if you have any specific preferences about what kind of fic you would/would not like to illustrate.

You can also participate by posting your art at any time in the tag #1dsmutfree and we will reblog it here!

I have a question!

The best way to get your question answered is to send an ask to this blog, but if you have general questions about asexuality you can also contact Aylin.

SIGN-UPS ARE OPEN NOW so please sign up to contribute! Even if you don’t plan on participating, please reblog this post to spread the word!

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Last year, my… my mum and dad got divorced. It must be so much harder for her actually because I, I’m living this “fantastic life” and going through each day and being busy each day, whereas she’s still…

Helpful Tagging Information


  • Failing to tag a post as “transmisogyny” and instead only tagging “cissexism/transphobia” when the attack is directed at trans women (ex. use of the t-slur) is an act of erasure and violence.

  • Failing to tag a post as “antiblackness” and instead only tagging “racism” when the attack is directed at black people (ex. use of the n-slur) is an act of erasure and violence
  • Tagging a post anti-(insert race other than black) racism is a microaggression, as it appropriates the framework for talking about antiblackness to other racial groups who have different dynamics (ex. saying “anti-asian racism” when you mean orientalism). The only exceptions to this are antisemitism and anti-Romani racism.
  • If you tag anything “hispanic” or any variant of that word I will side eye you. I hate that gentrifying word, it’s an attempt to make my people palatable by emphasizing our connection to whiteness. 
  • Transphobia isn’t really as coherent as a concept as cissexism is: the words are basically interchangeable, but I favor the latter, because the violence faced by people who are not trans woman is more based in assumptions that they cannot be what they say they are (cissexism) rather than repulsion (described by transphobia). That repulsion is almost always directed at trans women only, described in transmisogyny.
  • It’s good to tag both cissexism and transphobia, because people blacklist the word transphobia, but when you talk about oppressive structures that ALL trans people face, use the word “cissexism” and when you talk about violence faced by trans women call it “transmisogyny,” because that is what it is.

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i feel like reading fanfic has kind of broken my desire to read published stories bc like theyre so bland tbh like. where the hell am i gonna get queer android romance in a bookstore. who writes about past assassins working together in a coffeeshop. all i see are straight white people making out like really like REALLY

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VMAs 2015?

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my irl friends r my problematic faves

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my anaconda don’t want none unless u got a leak of 1d’s new album hun

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boy!Alex has made a comeback

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real friendship is sending them a link to something terrible so you can both be traumatized at the same time

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